Body Mod Service I found that really works

Hello fellows,

I was searching and after a long search i found a body modification service that actually works. Can shift back and forth between forms. No Joke. Thiouht i would share this wonderful service!!! Its magic litterally!!!!!!!!!

Here is their info:

We offer body modification services. Please text picture of your fursona(s) or type the change you want your gender to be from to your changed gender preference to +1 (657) 207-7677. Text must begin with the keywords "CHANGE SERVICE" you will receive a donations link after the spell is cast.You will be able to shape-shift back and forth at will once complete. No calls at that number will be answered TEXT ONLY! Only send payment after Transformation is complete. Transformation takes up to 7 days after spell is cast to take full effect. We can give you multiple shape-shifting, simply pay the recommended donation the number of times as how many fursona(s)/Gender(s) you would like to be able to shift into. ONLY SEND PAYMENT AFTER TRANSFORMATION IS COMPLETE! you will receive a donation link for PayPal after spell is cast! Recommended donation per transformation is $450.00

By using you agree to the following statement.
1.1 I AM 21 years of age or older.
1.2 I agree to pay $450.00 per transformation to the PayPal link i receive by text.
1.3 I assume all liability, repercussions, and consequences from using this service.
1.4 I release Magus_of_Transformation and their affiliates of all obligation and liability.
1.5 I agree to only send picture of my fursona(s).
2.1 By using service you agree and legally consent to terms: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5.
2.2 By texting +1 (657) 207-7677 you affirm 100% agreement that all terms are agreed to. Also that it is true that you meet these conditions. Also that you affirm all these statements Truthfully under penalty of perjury and that you understand and consent to what you are asking.

Hope you gain benefit from it too. It really is a miracle!!!
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Oper Abuse by Harik

--- Topic for #drwho is we fuck kids | Harik fucks dogs
--- Topic for #drwho set by ChiefTenBeers at Sun Apr 24 12:26:52 2011
|Harik|AFK| This is the best possible use of a -n channel
--- Harik|AFK has changed the topic to: [SPOILERS]
--- Polybun has changed the topic to: We fuck kids Harik fucks dogs
--- Polybun has changed the topic to: We fuck kids | Harik fucks dogs
--- Harik|AFK has changed the topic to: Harik fucks dead puppies
--- Polybun has changed the topic to: We fuck kids | Harik fucks dogs
|Harik|AFK| Lol
--- sets modes [#drwho +o Harik|AFK]
--- Harik|AFK sets modes [#drwho +n]
--- Harik|AFK has changed the topic to: OMG Dr Who spoilers
--- Polybun has changed the topic to: We fuck kids | Harik fucks dogs
--- Harik|AFK sets modes [#drwho +t]
--- Harik|AFK has changed the topic to: OMG Dr Who spoilers
--- Harik|AFK sets modes [#drwho -o Harik|AFK]
|Polybun| that was oper abuse
|Harik|AFK| Go whine about it.
|Polybun| simba will love to have seen that
|Harik|AFK| Yup, it's in the logs
-ChanServ- Channel #drwho isn't registered.
|Harik|AFK| Only did it 'cause the people here have nothing to do with your little whinefest about me.
|Polybun| I do this to every channel that doesn't set their modes
|Polybun| I have EVERY right to change the topic in any channel that allows me to do so
|Harik|AFK| yeah not so much
|Harik|AFK| that's network-wide abuse and isn't allowed
|Polybun| no it isn't
|Polybun| you just involved yourself in channel matters
|Polybun| the owners of the channel could have set +t
|Polybun| but they did not
|Polybun| you have no right to use your oper abilities to change a channels modes
|Harik|AFK| Well MarMar is free to complain about me abusing oper ability on her channel.
|Polybun| marmar is the least of you worries
|Polybun| if you think for a second simba will let that stand, you are crazy
|Harik|AFK| Well I'm sure if he's got a problem with it he can come in and -t the channel
|Polybun| actually he can't do that
|Polybun| the owner must do it
|Polybun| again, he would be involving himself in channel matters
|Polybun| you violated his trust
|Polybun| and the system
|Harik|AFK| Why not? It's just reversing "obvious" oper abuse
|Polybun| and you see, now you've left him little recorse, made tne entire situation far more complex than you realize
|Polybun| not only that
|Harik|AFK| Anyway, take this to #anthrochat or msg
|-- Harik|AFK ( has left #drwho
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MFF Room Space for 2 at the Westin.

Howdy all, just recently acquired a room at the Westin. Me and my mate are looking for two others to go in with us on this room. Here are a bit of things for you.

1.)The total of the room shall be divided 4 ways. Myself and my boyfriend paying half, and who responds to this and acquires the remaining two slots owing 1/4 (each) of the room total cost.

2.) When we find out what the room cost shall be, we shall give you your amount to go in towards it with our response back to you when you reply to this.

3.) Due to the fact that some of you may be working on Thursday, and have to return to work by Monday, it will be acceptable if you would like to share this room for Friday to Sunday. If you do this, you shall only have to pay for Friday, Saturday, and that Sunday. You will not be required to pay for Thursday or Monday in that case.

Thanks. :). Now, to my mate. ^//^

Hello all! Royal here letting you know me and my boyfriend have recently acquired a room at the main hotel and have space for two more :) +wags+

1. Email me at
2. Responding to this post is not a garauntee that you will get roomspace, but I will respond to all messages about this offer, use the subject line "MFF 09 Roomspace" please! Please include details about yourself and why you need the roomspace (fursuiters have priority due to convenience of the room's location).
3. I have a few rules about what goes on in our room so if you are not looking forward to being constricted by things like that, this posting is not for you! ^__^ I will send the details upon receiving requests.
4. The room is for Thursday the 19th through monday the 23rd

Hopefully I hear back some responses :D See you all there!
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Register your nick

[Whitefang has address ~whitefang@2EE692CE.6B753335.2D90DBE7.IP]
Jun 13 22:43:40 <Whitefang>	arfarf?
Jun 13 22:44:27 <ignashia>	arf arf barf?
Jun 13 22:44:53 *	ignashia snuggles up to Whitefang 
Jun 13 22:45:19 *	Whitefang snuggles you close and he kisses deeply
Jun 13 22:45:38 <ignashia>	heeee, someones energetic
Jun 13 22:46:38 *	ignashia slips tongue deep into your maw
Jun 13 22:46:53 *	Whitefang mrowls to you as he licks his tongue along yours, his paws caressing over your sides
Jun 13 22:47:43 *	ignashia forgets about all the dumb ass hats that were annoying today and pushes against Whitefang 
Jun 13 22:48:59 *	Whitefang smiles as he wiggles against you, playfully rubbing up and down your back
Jun 13 22:51:09 *	ignashia wraps her arms tightly around you, kind of wanting you
Jun 13 22:52:07 *	Whitefang wags his tail and he kisses at your muzzle, murring happily to you as he caresses and woofs lustfully
Jun 13 22:52:47 *	ignashia slides her hands down your back and gives your rump a good fondeling
Jun 13 22:53:56 <ignashia>	quit playing and just give it to me, 
Jun 13 22:54:01 <ignashia>	its been that kind of day >.>
Jun 13 22:55:10 *	Whitefang blinks and he sighs, nodding. "Alright, alright.." He pulls off his clothing and he licks at your maw. "How do you want me?"
Jun 13 22:55:34 <ignashia>	If its like that we can play it your way this time.
Jun 13 22:55:56 *	ignashia wriggles out of her clothes, letting them drop to the floor with out a care
Jun 13 22:56:40 *	Whitefang growls at you and he nips at your cheek
Jun 13 22:57:03 <ignashia>	oh rough eh?
Jun 13 22:57:22 *	ignashia gets on all fours and takes a submissive posture to quell the nipping
Jun 13 22:57:40 *	ignashia winks
Jun 13 22:58:49 *	ignashia flags, showing you how ready and willing she is
Jun 13 22:59:13 *	Whitefang is annoyed but is quelled as he sees your posture, then moving behind you, letting his paws caressing your sides. He takes your hips and he roughly presses his wolfhood up against and then into your waiting depths
Jun 13 23:00:08 *	ignashia gasps at being doven into so suddenly, and attempts to crawl away slightly
Jun 13 23:01:40 *	ignashia wimpers 
Jun 13 23:02:25 *	Whitefang woofs at you as he bucks stronger, holding your hips with his strong paws as he nips at you. "Shush"
Jun 13 23:03:24 *	ignashia wriggles her legs and hips a bit trying to get use to the size of your ample wolf penis pounding away inside her softest of spots
Jun 13 23:05:25 *	Whitefang chuckles as he bucks harder as he leans over, nipping at your ears, growling happily as he feels the slickness inside of your hot sex.
Jun 13 23:06:38 *	ignashia bites her lip, only to let out a few more muffled wimpers, knowing how much she is giong to suffer when you knot swells inside of her.
Jun 13 23:09:12 *	ignashia kicks her hind paws, trying to shake you off for just long enough to catch her breath
Jun 13 23:09:36 *	ignashia knows she hasn't a chance of escaping the clutch of your powerful paws.
Jun 13 23:11:20 *	ignashia has sudden change of mine
Jun 13 23:11:31 *	Whitefang grins as he nips more at you, pawing your legs, scratching there a bit as he become more feral in this love making
Jun 13 23:11:38 *	Whitefang blinks. "What?"
Jun 13 23:11:44 *	ignashia finds a knife on the floor and out strches herself to grab at it
Jun 13 23:11:55 *	ignashia has an 8" blade at her finger tips
Jun 13 23:12:05 <ignashia>	if only i could just get one finger on it
Jun 13 23:12:36 *	ignashia times her last grasp for the knife with your bucking, takes it fully into hand and slams it home deep into your sides
Jun 13 23:13:24 <Whitefang>	jOkay
Jun 13 23:13:28 <Whitefang>	I've had enough
Jun 13 23:13:29 <Whitefang>	Bye
Jun 13 23:13:56 <ignashia>	oh yea?
Jun 13 23:13:58 <ignashia>	well fuck you
Jun 13 23:14:01 <ignashia>	some boy friend you are
Jun 13 23:14:07 <ignashia>	your all into your fantasies
Jun 13 23:14:09 <ignashia>	what about mine!
Jun 13 23:14:11 <ignashia>	huh?
Jun 13 23:14:14 <ignashia>	dick
Jun 13 23:14:17 <ignashia>	you fucking dick
Jun 13 23:14:24 <ignashia>	your all into tearing my vagina to shreads

TV Segment

Hello Everyone!

I'm a TV producer who is doing a story about the furry community. I don't know TOO much about it but I wanted to post a note here to see if I could chat with people on the phone or via email to get more information? I can also tell you more about the focus of the show, where it would air, and answer any of your questions.

Please email me at -- I look forward to hearing from you.

Levi Johnson
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Bug On Your Website

Go to the Bash tab, then try clicking on the Chat and Forum tabs. Clicking on the Chat tab bring up the contents of the Chat directory and clicking on the Forums tab leads to a phpBB: Critical Error. Should be a quick HTML fix. Change the anchor on the Chat tab from to and the Forums link from to